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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #121 - Song-Farming Guy


Featuring Chrono Cross and 80s rock.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

another sunday, another Chrono Cross (1999) song comparison day, this time featuring another import from Radical Dreamers, the rather bittersweet "Star-Stealing Girl":

When I heard the song for the first time my suspicion fell on the more dark, romantic rock genres that came to prominence during the 80s like Goth Rock or Dark Wave. Which makes sense, given the sequence in the game this song is played at (HINT: Someone SERIOUSLY needs a hug.). Unfortunately, my experience in these genres is not yet that good, so for the intro of the song I can only present you some stuff that has roughly the same style and tone:

Howard Jones - All I Want (1986):

Rick Derringer - Everything (1979):

For the main jingle that starts around 0:51 (The "Na-na-na-na" part) the situation is a little bit better. There are many songs in 80s rock that feature the particular 8-note sequence with a tendency towards irish and country music, usually as part of the solo. I cut the number of songs down to 4 this time for brevity:

Nightnoise - Night In That Land (1993):

The Maisonettes - Daddy Don't Know (1983):

Note: I have to use a link because the only sample I have deactivated external play.


U2 - With Or Without You (1987):

Billy Squier - Lonely One (1986):

Phew, here goes another one. But we still have some interesting stuff to look at...

Phil out

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