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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #99 - Standard Encounters


Featuring Rudra no Hihou and a lot of rock music.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

now that the world seems to be coming to an end with killer viruses popping up like daisy flowers, it might be an appropriate time to revisit all our favourite end-time games, starting with a return to Square's Rudra No Hihou from 1996. Today's topic is the music "Strange Encounter" - the boss battle theme for the eye-patched protagonist Sion:

While the part starting at 0:14 is obviously a remix of Sions theme - Sword of the Valiant - I think the melody at the beginning might have been inspired by a standard backing that can be found in 70s- early 90s rock genres. Some examples:

Billy Squier - Lover (1991):

.38 Special - Rebel To Rebel (1991):

Underworld - Original Song (1989):

The Mission UK - Dance On Glass (1986):

Talk Talk - Talk Talk (1982):

Here an example from the 1977 song "Slow Down" by country rock band America:

Or their song "Here" from 1972:

Brownsville Station - Love, Love, Love (1973):

On sunday more Mega Man X - unless I'm quarantined at that point.

Phil out.

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