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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #98 - Cast Rock


Featuring Mega Man X and lots of 70s/80s rock music.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

before Mega Man month finally ends, we still have a little bit of Mega Man X to look at.

Thus today’s topic is the second ending theme to the very first Mega Man X (1993), in OST lists usually given as „Cast Roll“. It is unusually upbeat for a game and series as dark and introspective as Mega Man X:

The song seems to be written G-flat major key which is the basis for many popular rock songs including Guns N’ Roses „Sweet Child O’ Mine“ and the Beatles „Yellow Submarine“. It features a distinctive progression through the chord forming a happy, melancholic style. I found a very, very large number of rock songs from all genres and ages (although there seems to be a tendency in Country Rock) that features a comparable progression, usually in their backing track, but sometimes it flows well into the main melody. I had to cut it down to a number of songs, while not perfect, evoke the Mega Man X Cast Roll feeling pretty fast:

Marshall Tucker Band - Singing Rhymes (1978):

John Mellencamp - Hotdogs and Hamburgers (1987):

Rockpile - Teacher, Teacher (1980):

The Scruffs - Tragedy (1977):

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Easy Slow (1981):

Pilot - Canada (1976):

Men At Work - Overkill (1983):

J. Geils Band - Do You Remember When? (1981):

I wonder if there was a country buff in Capcom's sound team of the time...

Phil out.

Update 05/09/2020:

Birthday -Epilogue · Yoko Oginome (1990) :

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