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Why do people like to tear others choices down so much?


So, I love reading the comments in articles.  I guess that is my guilty pleasure.  I imagine that many people love this more than the article.  Sometimes I will read the comments and want to reply only to realize that I need to read the article first before replying.  I always chuckle at myself when I do that.  What I am about to write about is not anything new on the internet.  I am talking about hating on someone for a like that they have that you do not have and do not respect.

I read an article about a game and the first comments are a few words long and extremely negative.  The game could have millions of fans and be popular for years and years.  However, the negative comment goes like this "I wish they would just end the game, it sucks".  I get that you have that opinion and I respect that.  But even if a game only has one fan (yes moms count) then why tear it down?  I find that all too often a person would rather a game never be made, a company go out of business, or a group of people stop playing games because it does not fit into a persons view on what a game should be.  Instead of celebrating that a game is reaching out and bringing in new gamers, a company is moving the industry forward, or people that were never gamers are now considered gamers, these negative people want to go back to a time when only a select few that had a console could be a gamer.

Example time, a game that people want to be made so bad.  The game is made.  These negative people come out and say "It was not the right platform, why is it not on platform X?" or "That is how they make the game?  They know nothing about the universe which the game comes from" or "That company runs games into the ground".  Now there are times when those statements could be true (especially the last one).  But all too often people hate on because they want others to be miserable with them.  If a game comes out that you wanted on platform X but it came out on platform Y, then be excited that the game came out so people can play.  If you have no money for a different platform, there are gaming cafes, friends (remember going to a friends house to play Sega or Nintendo because you had the other?) that have the system.  If you are upset about how a game deviates from the story too much then don't buy the game.  Many games have been changed because of feedback and lack of sales.  This also applies to a company.  There are numerous games that should not have failed but did because a company took to wanting money more than quality or wanted to add pay to win.  A lot of these companies are changing because people did stop buying and they are losing out.

My big point is that being outraged about something you are passionate about is great.  I will rage with you.  Being negative about a situation that puts down how others enjoy games is not.  Respect the right of people to be excited a game is coming to market even if it is not on your preferred platform, be happy that a game found a huge community even if you no longer are a part of it, and be glad that companies are still listening (for the most part) to what the community is wanting.

Love that games and gamers are expanding into realms that a few years ago were never even conceived.  Love the games you love and let others love the games they love.

- If I think about thinking then does that mean that I never think about anything?

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