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Days Gone



I had been following the gameplay and trailers of this supposed atomic zombie open world game for some time since it was released for viewing in 2016. We were given a release date of late 2018 that continuously got pushed back. And in April 2019 PlayStation finally brought us Days Gone. 

I love apocalyptic games. From Left for Dead and Dying Light to Red Dead’s Undead and State of Decay. I’m not gonna lie. I’m a huge Xbox fan. However, there were games that left me wanting more. The Last of Us and the promise of Days Gone, I folded and purchased my first PlayStation. Months since Days gone has released this is what I think.....

It’s currently 895 Days Gone since the start of my game. I have yet to complete the entire story mode due to the fact of wanting more. I tend to be the type that plays games through the story and promise myself that when I’m done, I will go back and replay it again to find different achievements and perform better. (Kill this horde earlier. Stock up on stamina and do jobs for better weapons and own certain areas before moving to the next.) However, it’s alwaysbthe same, I complete the game and take a break, just to find I pick it up as a last resort to pass time. 

The gameplay itself is slightly laggy at times. Nothing is perfect upon the initial release and I tend to be ok with that. Riding my bike through cross country and coming across the hordes that pop up randomly in certain locations tends to jump frame rates to give you a “patchy” feel to gameplay. Deal breaker? No. Wishful hoping that in this day and age of technology that I would have a clean feel of murdering mass freaks to pick up plentiful bounties to turn into camp? Yes.

The beginning of the game is sluggish to say the least. Getting to know the main character and the others in the game takes some time. The first scene where you’re riding your bike and chasing down an outlaw had me swerving all over the road, hard to control, and I almost told myself that I would just walk the rest of the time. However after trust was built and money made, upgrades to the bike brought it a more comfortable feel. I actually felt like my character knew how to ride a bike and drifting left and right around corners made up for the first few minutes of riding. Upgrades are important in your bike and gaining trust in camps to get there can be frustrating at times. 

I believe you are awarded more “credits” in camp than trust to justify riding out into the open world for bounties and missions. I found myself more than anything with full pockets and nothing to spend it on but gas and ammo. Not to say that wasn’t important cuz to survive in the world you need both. I actually enjoyed the gas aspect. Having to scrounge for gasoline or fast travel to a location close to a mission that had a gas pump just to be attacked by gangs waiting for someone to arrive kept it interesting. The freaks in between weren’t even worth my trouble, unless I ran across a horde....then it was game on. 

My first time fighting a horde was overwhelming. It was hard to run, ran out of ammo, and health was not to par. But as you progress and unlocked more perks and gear, the hordes weren’t as intimidating. More or less the were a challenge. As you travel further, the hordes grow in size. While I was able to easily take a horde in Lost Lake, past the mountain they were doubled in size and strategies had to be carefully thought out. I remember the first time I ran into the horde at the Saw Mill and said.....”This is it! This was the gameplay release spot!” I fought that horde over 20 times before conquering it. 

Skill points are given as you progress and there were some skills I completely skipped. I hardly ever used a stamina or health cocktail, so I never unlocked those skills. The “6th sense” of tracking wasn’t anything to be excited about because the mini map displayed what you needed. Another pointless skill/perk for me to unlock. However, a handful of skills unlocked changed the game. More ammo. Stealth kills on large enemies. Less repair parts for your bike. Holding more inventory. All these were a must and I feel like I unlocked them all in the correct way. The skills are almost designed around a player type so to speak. 

Dialogue in the gameplay was at times boring, but the overall story was good in itself. I enjoyed breaking down the past with the present and looking for characters. I was actually sad when I left characters behind. However, there were times where taking out RIP and Mauder gangs that were almost comical in a sense of unrealistic dialogue. When my character would finish the gang off, he would be completely out of breath and almost “whimperish” as he stated, “ Yeh, that’s what you get you murdering bastards, the lot of you!” I’m a killer for higher. Ex-army. Stealthy killing the enemy, but I’m emotional at the end of everyone, while yelling “Burn in Hell,” to ever person I sneak up behind and slit their throat. 

All in all, I enjoy the hell out of the game. Anyone can be a critic on what should and could be fixed. However, as a gamer that enjoys a good story and apocalyptic world, Days Gone is on point to deliver. If I could only bring myself to finish it......

- Step away from the light and you are consumed in darkness, step into the light and you will be blinded.

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