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The nintendo switch's release schedule is kinda disappointing... or is it?


Many people think that the nintendo switch's release schedule hasn't lived up to it's 1rst year on the market. And in a way, I agree with that. 2017's release year was crazy, it had a new game to play on it almost every month, and sometimes every week, as fire emblem warriors came out within a week of mario oddesey. The only month that we didn't get a major game release was november(maybe they should've saved fire emblem warriors for november lol) and even then, november had a lot of major 3rd party releases, like skyrim and rocket league for switch. 2018 however, is seen as a dissapointment by many, and that is something I just may be able to agree with. However, while many see it as a dissapointment, I see it as a filler year. Sure we did get a lot more ports than regular games, but is it that bad? Ok, I may be slightly biased against ports.... but sometimes I feel like they're the right move.

I do wish that nintendo changed the tracks to something else in mario kart 8 DX, so it could technically be a mario kart 9, but even then, mario kart is ussually a bit same old-same old anyway. Pokken Tourniment DX is similar, it's just pokken tourniment, no matter what you change. So, in the end, when it comes to mario kart and Pokken Tourniment, it would probably just be the same thing again anyway, so I think that being able to play these Wii U games on the switch is still a great way to provide them to people who never played them before, and allows people who HAVE played them before, to play them with extra features(including all the DLC from the previous games), better graphics, and to be able to play them ON the go, as well as to be able to play multiplayer without needing multiple systems while in handheld mode. And once again, I still find myself saying yet again, the same thing is about the captain toad port. A new version wouldn't change much, it's still the same thing. With the donkey kong port, I'm pretty sure the metroid prime 4 development restart happened a lot earlier than they actually announced it, meaning this was likely the best retro could do before switching to prime 4. With the bayonetta ports, bayonetta 3 is in development for the switch so bayonetta 2's port was just filler. New super mario bros U DX is the one port I don't really understand. A lot of people didn't like new super mario bros U, as it was basically the same as Wii, and now to port that game over? With that time they could have made a new super mario bros 3, with different assets, music, and a lot of new features. Some could argue that it could have been filler for mario maker 2 like bayonetta 2 switch is filler for bayonetta 3, but the thing is, mario maker and 2D mario are technacally 2 different series', so for one to be filler for the other isn't great.

But back on track, most of these ports have a good reason for existing, so if you think about it, 2018 wasn't so bad. In the first half we got Ports for donkey kong and bayonneta(both of which have perfectly justified existences, and are really fun games, even if donkey kong needs a lower price tag), as well as mario tenis and kirby star allies.(some people say they're to short and to easy, but I feel like mario tenis has more than enough content to go around, and as for kirby, it's actually my favorite switch game, and the reason I bought my switch. Sure it may be low on content, but we did get more content as we went on, which doesn't excuse less content to start with, but it does keep players coming back later plenty. As for the low difficulty, I don't mind one bit, and as a matter of fact I feel like it gives the game it's identity, and if you REALLY need difficulty, go for 100% completetion, or play the really tough boss rushes.) So, while 2018 had a generally barren first half, I find it at least acceptable, especially if you combine everything I just talked about with the megaman legacy collection and street fighter 30th anniversarry collection, Labo VR and Indies like Celeste. As for the 2nd half, we got a lot more than you think. We got octopath traveler for the switch, which is coming to PC in a couple weeks sure, that's why I reviewed it, but it started on the switch. On that same day we got the captain toad port for the switch, and as for other games in the 2nd half of 2018, we got xenoblade 2 DLC, Megaman 11's switch release, Super mario party, Pokemon lets go, Dark Souls Remastered for the switch, Starlink battle for atlas, which had star fox exclusive missions I might add, and of course, smash bros. So overall, 2018 wasn't that bad. But that's not what I'm here to talk about(despite using 3 paragraphs on it). I'm here to talk about, while 2018's games weren't that bad, 2019 is really the next 2017 in disguise.

Everyone knows that 2019 has an amazing launch lineup for 2019. Mario Maker, Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing, Pokemon sword and shield, link's awakening, but as for games we've already gotten or are getting in the 1rst half of 2019, people are slightly dissapointed. And all I have to say is, why? Sure it's sad that metroid prime 4 won't be coming this year, and bayonetta 3 likely won't show until 2020 either, but that doesn't mean 2019's 1rst half releases is that bad. In january we got new super mario bros U deluxe, which, while is a port of a game no one was that big of a fan of anyway, is still generally fun as long as you don't find yourself dying repeatedly. In february we got demos for daemon X machina and yoshi's crafted world, we got dragon quest builders for switch, Ape out, and the release of nintendo switch online's tetris 99, which while technically may not count as a major release for february, I'll still count it. In march, we got yoshi's crafted world, which is one of my favorite switch games(as seen in my review), and I really enjoyed it. Then in april, we got labo VR, along with cuphead for switch, and box boy and box girl(another game I reviewed). In may however, we didn't get any major releases, but we did still get some really decent 3rd party support with games like team sonic racing, the castlevania aniversary collection, ports of resident evil, Assassins creed 3 remastered, and the port of realm royale for switch. Then, in terms of june, we know that we're getting Cadence of Hyrule before summer starts, and Mario Maker 2 is coming right at the end of this month. By then, we pretty much start rolling, with Fire emblem 3 houses in july, and astral chain in august. And while this is just speculation, I can also guess that Daemon x Machina will be in july or august, game freak's town will probably also show up in august, Animal crossing is likely for september, Luigi's Mansion 3 is probably going to show up in october(because spooky), Link's Awakening will show up in november, and of course pokemon sword and shield will be coming in december.

So are we all being blind, and is this year really as good as 2017? No. The monthly releases like in 2017 are only evident this year if you really think about it. Putting tetris 99 as february's major release is streching it, and New super mario bros U DX wasn't all that great, and while november 2017 had major 3rd party stuff like skyrim and rocket league, may's 3rd party support wasn't nearly as grand, and some might say other month's 3rd party games are better. But that doesn't mean 2019's 1rst half was bad, and it's still quite obvious that 2019 in general is a great year for the switch. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go horde flowers in Yoshi's Crafted World. I'M NOT ADDICTED YOUR ADDICTED!

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