Stop moving, you’re creating OnLive lag

OnLive could be the future of all gaming. One box and no physical games to purchase. While this sounds like my worst nightmare others probably think it’s the bee’s knees. Thankfully for me and my addiction to holding something in my hands OnLive has been having some issues in Beta concerning lag. I’m sure some of our readers who are in the Beta may have run into the issue. The CEO of OnLive, Steve Perlman, has given the reason for this, and guess what. It’s your fault.

“If you change any of these factors, OnLive Beta may not even run, or if it does, the lag and/or graphics performance may render games unplayable. OnLive will try to detect these conditions and warn you, but when you are using OnLive in a different location, you are not providing us with usable test data,” he said.

“The reason location is so critical is because of the speed of light. If you are more than 1000 miles from an OnLive data center, then the round trip communications delay (“ping” time) between your home and OnLive will be too long for fast-action video games…

“OnLive has 3 data centers for its US Beta test, with a… 1000-mile range. Your Beta account will only connect to the data center it was originally assigned to. So, if you are assigned to our West Coast data center and then try your Beta account from the Midwest or East Coast, you’ll find the lag impaired to the point where most games are unplayable.”

Does anyone else feel like that statement is the equivalent of distracting someone with a shiny object while you steal their money? Damn, shiny objects. So hard not to stare at.

OnLive lag explained by CEO [CVG]

Matthew Razak