STFUAJPG contest

You might have seen “STFUAJPG” before, but what does it mean? It’s a secret.

Drama is an inevitable part of life, especially in gaming. In an industry that revolves around setting goals and boasting about accomplishments, it’s not rare for debates and opinions to get out of hand and ruin the simplest of calm conversations. Long ago, before Destructoid had assembled its robot army of gamers to take over the world, I wrote down ten Dtoid commandments. But I ran out of room after writing just eight large letters: STFUAJPG.

What does it mean? It’s our motto: “Shut The Fuck Up And Just Play Games”

We report gaming news and media, and then we all sit back and talk about it, it’s really not so complicated. Yet there’s constantly drama on every gaming site on the Internet — I thought gaming was supposed to be fun?! If shit ever gets out of hand on Dtoid, then STFUAJPG is the best way to get everyone back on track — don’t be afraid to use it! So let’s not ever forget . . .

Is your arrogant friend bragging incessantly about his speed run records and gargantuan Gamerscore? Dude, STFUAJPG! Pass the damn controller and get over yourself.

Is your artistic friend bitching about clipping issues in Shadow of the Colossus and pointing out all the texture seams in your favorite games? STFUAJPG! 

Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft just fucked up another service or was caught in another lie? Kill them. But after a day passes, move on — STFUAJPG!

Fanboys getting out of control? Don’t delay, STFUAJPG!

Simple enough? Good, now what’s this contest all about? It’s easy. All you have to do is make a STFUAJPG picture or gif, and post it in this article’s comments to enter. And there’s no limit to how many times you can enter. Just take a SFW picture that emotionally portrays someone yelling, shouting, screaming, bitch-slapping, or ass-kicking, and add your own STFUAJPG text. It doesn’t even necessarily need to be a gaming related picture.

Pictures from the past have included Phoenix Wright, Ali, Arnold, geek gatherings, umpires, super heroes, cool concept art, and in-game screenshots. There’s no rules, just make us laugh. Got a cat picture that would fit the occasion? Go for it. Reggie, Kutaragi, or Bill Gates STFUAJPG? Definitely. It’s contagious, just stick a STFUAJPG syringe in somebody and they’ll be playing games for days without whining.

Enter as many pictures as you’d like — the best three will win a free regular priced video game of their choosing for any current handheld, next-gen console, or PC. I encourage everyone to participate, but I can only ship to winners in America, sorry. I’ll post a reminder over the weekend, and then announce the winners on Monday. Let’s see what you photoshopping phenoms can create!

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