Steve Wiebe to try again

If there is one thing that the documentary film King of Kong firmly established it is that Steve Wiebe wants desperately to hold the world record high score in Donkey Kong. The film portrayed him as the intrepid underdog to Billy Mitchell’s corrupt and insipid gaming high score empire. Whether or not this is the case is something that is a bit up in the air, but what wasn’t up in the air was the fact that Billy Mitchell still held the world record score for the classic game at the end of the film. Since then Wiebe has attempted four times to beat the score, but has failed.

Time to dust the joystick off, Wiebe is back. He will sit back down in front of the freakishly difficult Donkey Kong and try again. Wiebe has announced that he will be attempting to break the high score record on June 2 at E3 this year. What’s going to be different this time? Well, he’ll be under a ton of a lot more pressure because it’s going to be televised live on G4. How embarresing will it be if he dies on the first barrell?

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