Steam Labs is trying out a page to show you DLC for games you already own

This could be a useful new Steam feature for DLC fans

One of the reasons Steam has continued to be one of the most successful gaming platforms is because the team at Valve is so dedicated to creating the best user interface they can. I’m still in the camp that would rather see them making more games than shuttering development to simply focus on Steam (although they insist otherwise), but at least they’re constantly making changes to the store that make the game-buying experience more enjoyable. They also make their experimentation process somewhat transparent with Steam Labs, where they “create dozens of experiments around discoverability, video, machine learning, and more.”

The newest experiment on the website is called DLC For You, which is a page that compiles information about the DLC you have yet to download for games that you already own. Essentially, it’s another, fancier way for Steam to advertise content to you, but if you’re a fan of DLC and are looking for a more streamlined way to purchase add-ons for your favorite titles, this page could come in handy.

A write-up on the Steam Labs website includes details about what to expect from your DLC page (which you can check out right now). The main section of the page will focus on highlighting the DLC for games you’ve already played that are currently the most popular, whether it’s a recent title or a game that was released years ago. You can also change up the view to see the DLC from games that you’ve either played the most recently, or just played the most in general.

Screenshot by Destructoid

Perhaps the most useful are the at-a-glance stats at the top of the page, which tell you how many games are in your library total, and many DLCs are in your library, and most importantly, how many DLC packs are available to purchase for your games right now.

There’s already so much information to keep track of on Steam, so perhaps having this extra bit of insight will help us further enjoy our experience of the platform. Only time will tell if players actually find the feature useful though, because it’ll either graduate from Steam Labs to be fully integrated, or it’ll be archived along with the rest of the rejected ideas.

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