Start looking forward to Lost Odyssey 2: Microsoft expects big things

It’s no secret that a fair few of us on the Destructoid staff are huge fans of Mistwalker’s amazingly touching RPG, Lost Odyssey. While it was a sure thing that this was the beginning of a brand new RPG franchise, it should please fans that the sequel is almost definitely in the works.

Speaking of Lost Odyssey‘s 100K Japanese sales, publisher Microsoft has stated that it expects the series to grow as time goes on. Putting on my analyst’s hat for a moment, I would expect Microsoft to attempt to have Lost Odyssey become the Xbox 360’s definitive answer to Final Fantasy. If you can’t get Square-Enix to share some of its RPG pie with you, the only answer is to bake your own.

What do you guys reckon? Could Lost Odyssey grow into a series that rivals the Final Fantasies? What are your hopes/predictions for the sequel? Let us know with your delicious comments.

[Thanks, Elyk]

Jim Sterling