StarCraft : Ghost available for pre-order … say what?

Form a line, folks. No pushing. Lo and behold, now you can pre-order StarCraft: Ghost from Best Buy and have it shipped to you on June 15. Or, for you masochistic types, you can snag it from Toys R Us and get it in August.

What gives? Maybe the fact that StarCraft: Ghost is Blizzard’s vaporware extraordinaire and has been indefinitely postponed since March of last year. Furthermore, it’s nowhere to be found on Blizzard’s official list o’ games.

So, is Blizzard just going to covertly release a sequel to (arguably) the most cherished RTS franchises ever created? Doubtful. More likely, some intern is going to be fired for this faux pas. On the other hand, this is one situation in which I would be more than happy to cram both feet into my mouth. I swear they would fit. Make it happen, Blizzard!

[Thanks Kennigit!]

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