Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II gets special edition

What a surprise! Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II will be getting an obligatory special edition, full of premium goodies for people with loads of money burning a hole in their pockets. As always, there’s a healthy mix of physical and digital baubles for the buying. 

Here’s everything to be found in the special edition:

  • A collectible “SteelBook”
  • MIMOBOT 2GB Flash Drive containing a digital art book, a script and wallpapers
  • Three challenge mode levels
  • A Deak Starkiller skin
  • An exclusive lightsaber crystal

The original game got a mixed reception and earned criticism for its repetitive and one-track nature. While I certainly hope the sequel is an improvement, my experience with the original game doesn’t encourage me to pre-order an expensive special edition. What about you? Did you love The Force Unleashed enough to want this package? Let the world know!


Jim Sterling