Star Trek Online launch deals have beamed up

Hey Trekkies and MMO fans, it’s almost here. Star Trek Online will launch on Feb. 2 and as such the last minute deals are kicking-off. From now until the day of the game’s launch Atari will be offering discounts and bonuses for both the Lifetime Membership and the 12-Month Membership.

The Lifetime Membership, which usually sells for $299.99, is reduced to $239.99 and offers players unlimited access to Star Trek Online for the life of the game. Thrown in with the discount are also two extra character slots, and a playable Starfleet captain who’s been reclaimed from the Borg. I’m not sure what the latter does, but I bet it’s pretty sweet.

Meanwhile the 12-Month Membership is $119.99 and will disappear come Feb. 2. This offer also includes the two extra character slots and saves you a bit of money over paying $14.99 every month for the standard membership.

Whose diving into this now that these savings have popped up? Or is anyone in the beta and can tell us if it’s worthwhile? I would assume that the Lifetime Membership is something no true Trekkie could ever pass up, though its ability to allow you to live long and prosper is null and void.

Matthew Razak