Square’s Game With No Name trailer simultaneously spooky and confusing

Square’s DS horror offering, Na Nashi no Geemu (Game with No Name), made waves in my consciousness a few months back when some screenshots were spied in Famitsu. Now that the title is nearing its Japanese release date (July 3rd) more information is hitting the net, including a new trailer and the appearance of the official website.

While the website is every bit as scary as I hoped for it to be and shows in-game exploration holding the DS like a book, the trailer itself actually shows the “game within a game” that you play as part of the storyline, which draws a sharp contrast to the spooky atmosphere with a sudden dose of Dragon Warrior-style graphics and music. Wha?

I still love the concept here, it’s just that the jump from one atmosphere to another was a bit unexpected. After I regained my sense of balance and absorbed it all for a few minutes, I realized I wanted the damn game more than ever. I don’t think there’s even a question of something like this coming to the US, it’s about as likely to rain cows. That’s a sad thing, because I honestly don’t think there is a single game I wish I could play (and understand) more than this one right about now. Sigh.

[Thanks, Adam!]

Colette Bennett