Square Enix’s Yosumin Live headed to Xbox LIVE Arcade

A foreign (Spanish?) Web site has some television pictures of Yosumin Live!, a Square Enix puzzle game that should be coming to Xbox Live Arcade some time soon, maybe in 2009. We’ve heard buzzings about its release before, and these shots confirm it.

Luckily, an unnamed source has passed along better screenshots of the puzzle title. No details came with the pictures, but an Achievement tab is listed in the menu shot. The Web page mentions something about 50 achievements. It seems that there will be multiplayer action, too.

Just like the DS version we told you about earlier, Yosumin Live! is played by finding 4 like pieces that could make a perfect rectangle or square. Selecting all four clears the pieces within.  It’s simple, but it’s fun. I’m looking forward to this. Hopefully we’ll hear some official release information soon.

Dale North