Square Enix wanted Final Fantasy XI for PS3

Final Fantasy XI could have been even more multiplatform than it is now, but it turns out that some dude at Sony quit. That dude was Square Enix’s contact for the deal.

I know it sounds like a crap excuse, but that’s how Square Enix laid it out to 1UP

“Initially we were in talks with a representative from Sony [to achieve this], but it appears that that person quit,” said FFXI producer Hiromichi Tanaka, inducing laughter from the rest of the team.

And Tanaka answered another long-standing question I’ve had: why not just port the PS2 version? 

“[Current] PS3s don’t have PS3-side PS2 emulation, and it doesn’t look like Sony has any plans to address that issue. For that kind of thing to even be conceivable, it would have to be on a disc. Digital downloads wouldn’t work for this. The disc has to be in the system for the emulator to work.” 

I suppose it’s too late now. Couldn’t someone at Square Enix have called someone else at Sony? Like the new guy who replaced the one that quit?

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