Square Enix to hold a GDC session on WiiWare launch title

Just yesterday, we discussed our hopes of seeing more on Square Enix’s Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: The Small King And The Promised Land during Nintendo’s sessions on WiiWare during GDC. But now it looks like Square Enix has it covered.

According to the Game Developer’s Conference Web page, Square Enix plans to present an in-depth look at this WiiWare launch title. Speakers include Fumiaki Shiraishi (Final Fantasy XI, Front Mission Online) and Producer Toshiro Tsuchida (Final Fantasy X, Front Mission, Arc the Lad). They’ll talk about their motiviations to make this title, as well as cover the challenges of packing this game in a 40MB download.

I’ll ask them where our Square Enix Virtual Console titles are while I’m there. They’ll probably laugh at me.

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