Square Enix and Eidos restructure to make Square Enix Europe

It seemed like only a few months ago when, after being bought out by Square Enix, Eidos boss Phil Rogers was making remarks about how excited he was that the Eidos brand name would remain intact through the merger. Well, that’s still kind of true, but not quite as true as it could be.

According to Gamesindustry.biz, Square Enix is restructuring its publishing duties, creating a new company tentatively named “Square Enix Europe.” Moving forward, all Square Enix and Eidos games in Europe will be published by the new company, led by Rogers. Conversely, publishing in the United States will fall to Square Enix’ regional office.

As far as I understand it, Eidos is simply getting a name change, and business, by and large, will continue as usual: what-used-to-be-Eidos will publish Square Enix games in Europe, and Square will publish them in Japan and the U.S.

However, some jobs will be lost in the move, according to a statement released by the company: “Unfortunately we are expecting some jobs to be impacted directly by this in both Europe and North America,” read a statement from the company. “We are hoping to minimise this wherever possible and offer support and advice to any employees directly affected.”

While it’s out of the publishing game, the Eidos name will continue to be associated with the various development studios throughout the world; their bosses just have a new name now.

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