Square announces The Last Remnant, because they don’t make enough money

Game Informer has the skinny on the new Square Enix title just a few days before Square-Enix party 2007, which may mean much more information is right around the corner. For now though, there are definitely some juicy bits. Here’s a bit of detail:

The Last Remnant

Release: TBA – Next Generation Consoles – 1 Player RPG

One thousand years ago humanity came into contact with Remnants. These magical fragments of a bygone era were once used to promote peace across the world. Soon, as the rift grew between those who ruled and those who obeyed, the remnants ceased being instruments of balance, and instead became paths to immeasurable power. Where once there had been peace, only bloodshed remained.

– Released simultaneously in U.S. and Japan

-Two prominent characters each created to appeal to a specific territory. Rush Sykes will appeal to JP gamers, and “The Conqueror” for Western Audiences. Game won’t force you to choose which character you play.

– Remnants vary in size and can take the form of machines, beasts, and weapons.

– 4 races revealed: Mitra (humans), Yama (Large fish-like beings), Qsiti (small humanoid lizards), Sovanni (four armed cat like creatures)

– Battle System will not be passive and will include QTEs in certain instances. Fights still take place in a turn based frame work.

– This is the first UE3 game SE will be releasing. Graphics look great so no worries there. 

Ah, Sony. How golden your future must have looked on the PS2. A best selling console, major Final Fantasy titles your exclusive property, and no sight of the trainwrecks yet to come. How’s this for a case of not what you had in mind? At any rate, I think it’s a good time for Square to attempt a new IP. Personally, I’m afraid to watch the Tetsuo morphing of the beast that is the Final Fantasy franchise too closely. What do you think, peeps? Excited, or don’t give two sh*ts?

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