Spore pushed back to 2009; Thing 1 prescribed Wellbutrin

Kotaku has word, via the latest issue of Game Informer, that Will Wright’s magnum opus, Spore, has been delayed indefinitely. After a bit of sleuthing, however, it turns out EA has actually pushed the title from fiscal ’08 to fiscal ’09; a sobering alteration, certainly, but not the apocalyptic announcement we were originally handed.

The title – which seeks to provide gamers a way to shape the very evolution of a species, and, in turn, an entire world – has been delayed a number of times already, and with such a massive scope, we imagine we’re only a few months away from an announcement delaying the game until Jesus Christ comes out in support of Darwinian Evolution.

Since Spore has topped almost every list of most-anticipated titles since its original announcement, today is a dark day in Whoville. Little Cindy Lou Who has spent the last three hours weeping inconsolably into her stuffed Lorax, and Tommy has, once again, become completely mute.

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