Split/Second box art features a car, explosions

Disney Interactive Studios just revealed the final box art for Split/Second, Black Rock Studios’ Hollywood movie action racing game that’s shipping next year.

The box art itself is reasonably generic — fast-looking car, some explosions, cracked pavement. We get it, the game’s fast and stuff explodes. But here’s the thing: Split/Second does actually feature cars, explosions, cracked pavement… and more. Like plane crashing onto the road as you drive past or under it. 
After playing the demo of the game at PAX, our video man Rey Gutierrez couldn’t stop talking about it. It’s basically exactly what he’s looking for — those big ass Michael Bay car chases translated to a video game. In Split/Second, instead of earning turbo boosts, you earn the ability to blow crap up on the track, creating shortcuts and causing chaos for your opponents. 
Did I mention a plane crashes down onto the road while you’re driving on it?  
Nick Chester