Splinter Cell: Conviction is still alive, supposedly looking better than ever

Not even two weeks ago, I was pondering why we hadn’t seen any new developments on Splinter Cell: Conviction lately. Last I heard, the game had received multiple delays, was rumored to be getting dropped, and things just weren’t looking so hot.

Surprisingly enough, though, the community manager for Conviction, Chris Easton, has recently told Videogaming247 that the game is “certainly not canned.”

He continues: “the gameplay’s evolved a lot but the visual direction is simply much better than what you’ve seen.” I know there were some complaints in the past related to Conviction‘s art, so it’ll be interesting to see exactly where the team has made adjustments.

Adding even more to the intrigue of this whole situation, Chris goes on to say that when we see Splinter Cell: Conviction again, it will be “worth the wait” … whenever that may be.

Jordan Devore
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