Splatterhouse will be for PS3/360 … more or less confirmed

That’s what 1UP’s page for the game says, and considering 1UP and EGM are bedfellows, I’m willing to trust them. It seems that EGM is also pushing this as a Survival Horror game … a clue as to what the gameplay holds, perhaps?

I would have always classified Splatterhouse as a Beat ‘Em Up, but the series is certainly recognized as the title that would pave the way for the Survival Horror genre. I can’t imagine this game will be block puzzles and pistols with limited ammo, however. Just give me a blatant Jason Vorhees rip-off with a 2×4 and that’s all we need.

If that EGM cover image (shown above) is anything to go by, that’s pretty much what we’ll be getting.

Jim Sterling