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Splatoon concept art reveals urinal warp zones

2015-11-03 19:00:00  ยท  Jonathan Holmes

Putting the 'ink' in 'tinkle'

A 320-page Splatoon art book was recently released in Japan and it's chock full of never-before-seen images and notes about the game's production. A lot of it is the kind stuff you might expect to see in a book of this type, though a small illustration on page 152 caused me to stand up and take notice. Ironically, the place I was standing at the time of this discovery was my bathroom, which is fitting given the nature of what was uncovered. 

From the looks of it, the designers of Splatoon had at one point played with the idea of allowing players to transform into squids and use urinals and sinks to warp to different areas on the map. Splatoon's single-player campaign features a kind of ink-based power line system that allows players to quickly zip from place to another, and I have to imagine that this toilet-based form of transportation was an early iteration of that concept. 

Potty humor isn't particularly hot right now, but I have to wonder if Splatoon 2 might return to this mildly icky idea.

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