Space Invaders, now in wearable hat form

Man, I want this hat. If I didn’t know for sure that I look like a douchelord in all hats, I would actually order one today, but I know once I got it home I’d look in the mirror and cry. Some people are just meant to look like a walking penis in pretty much every hat on the planet, I guess.

Anyway, if you look good in hats, you can check this one out at Hathead, which really does seem to be the Threadless for hats — you can design your own and submit your ideas to the site to win $250 and get your hat made. Not too shabby. Also, the same hat comes in green. I want that one even worse. Maybe I could just plunk down my $24 and wear it alone at home. Then only my cat would be witness.

[Thanks Craig!] 

Colette Bennett