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Space Invaders Extreme winners: you people are amazing

2009-05-11 15:20:00  ยท  Colette Bennett

I don't know why I spend all this time trying to plan different types of contests for you guys to win all this free swag I'm sitting on. All photo contests should be renamed Make The Dtoid Staff Laugh Uncontrollably, because it's always the funny pictures that win. Also, I selfishly like to see pictures of you guys, since the time you spend on Destructoid makes my job possible. Have I mentioned you guys rock?

For the Space Invaders Extreme contest, Furnimus pretty much blew us away by not only showing off his score but by making a grill out of Dtoid heads for his teeth (I called Niero over to see it and he stared for sixty seconds straight before cracking up laughing and yelling "AMAZING!"). We also couldn't get enough of HammerShark and Rio McCarthy's entries, so you three are our winners (check out the pics each winner submitted in the gallery). Congratulations!

Believe it or not, I'm not out of Space Invaders Extreme codes yet, so if you still want to win one, tune in for Twitter Friday and I'll give a few more away there. Thanks for reading!

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