Space Ark is probably the cutest Arkanoid-like game ever

Space Ark is a just-announced Xbox LIVE Arcade game that I can only describe as sickeningly adorable.

Strawdog Studios — who you might recognize as the team behind the PSN/XBLA game Geon — describes it as a “fun homage” to Rainbow Island, Bubble Bobble, and Arkanoid based on their “bright and bouncy” nature.

The basic idea here is that you’re launching animals to collect stuff not unlike how you would go about bouncing balls off your paddle in Breakout. It’s nothing revolutionary, which is where the absurd amounts of charm and cuteness come in.

As for specifics, we know Space Ark will be out this spring, but that’s about it to be frank. Seems like a potentially fun game if you can stomach the bright colors and incessant rainbows.

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