Sorry, EU: New Microsoft Points system is US only

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We recently told you about how Microsoft has reworked the Microsoft Points system so that you’re not always stuck with extra points. I won’t say names, but an industry insider had a long, drunken talk with me about how the whole 500 point system basically let Microsoft work as a big bank for gamers, letting them always hold onto a portion of your money. Never thought of it that way until drunkie spelled it out. But he’s right. Sh*t was shady, if you ask me.

Now we’re at increments of 400 points to better match the pricing of the games. Nice, right? Not so fast. It’s only nice for us Americans. Europe will not be getting the new system, it seems. IncGamers asked Microsoft and here’s what they said about it in their statement:

We are offering Microsoft Points in increments of 400 on Xbox LIVE in the US only, and we have nothing further to announce at this time. We’re always listening to the Xbox LIVE community for feedback and looking at ways to evolve Xbox LIVE.

I wonder what the reason behind the US-only part is. Maybe I should call up drunkie again.

New Microsoft MS Points Structure Is US-Only [incgamers]

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