Sony’s message for 2011 is ‘Only on PlayStation’

Sony, the company that recently criticized platform-exclusive games, has declared that its message for 2011 is “Only on PlayStation.” 

“We obviously are very bullish on our platform,” said senior brand manager Scott McCarthy. “We do feel like we have a great message with Move … and we feel we have the strongest line-up we’ve ever had coming this year. PS3 has superior technology inside the box, and this is going to be the year where we make a lot of noise based on the exclusive titles you’re going to be able to play.”

“Those things together will give us a voice. We gained a lot of momentum with the ‘It Only Does Everything’ message, and that was a great hardware message, but this year we’re going to follow it up with another punch that is an ‘Only on PlayStation’ message. You know, LittleBigPlanet 2 led us off; then we’ve got Killzone 3, SOCOM, Infamous 2, Twisted Metal, Uncharted, Resistance … the list goes on. And that’s excluding Move specific software.

“For the gamer there’s a lot to look forward to, and for the Move consumer there’s also a lot to look forward to.”

Weird that he put the “Gamer” and the “Move Consumer” in two separate categories. Are Move users not gamers, then? In any case, the PS3 has been having a strong software year while Microsoft continues to focus on pimping Kinect. I dare say Microsoft is prepping some surprises, but for now, Sony is the one delivering the good stuff. 

Sony: ‘Only on PlayStation’ is the 2011 message [Videogamer]

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