Sony: Xbox 360 relies on one genre

In the wake of PlayStation Move launching, it seems that today has been given over entirely to watching Sony and Microsoft trash talk each other.

As Aaron Greenberg shares his skepticism about Move’s library, now Sony’s Peter Dille has said that his “competitor” relies too much on a single genre. We’re guessing that he means first-person-shooters.

“We’ve never been reliant on one product genre like one of our competitors,” says Dille in a rather passive-aggressive way. “[Sony has] titles ranging from Killzone to EyePet. PlayStation is a very big tent and … it’s helped us sell 377 million PlayStation hardware products and two billion software products in 15 years.”

Dille might have had a point once, but now that Kinect is coming, Microsoft won’t just be relying on one genre anymore. It’ll have two — shooters and on-rails shooters!

Sony takes jab at Microsoft, says 360 is ‘reliant’ on shooters []

Jim Sterling