Sony treating PS3 Wiimote as ‘a new platform’

It seems that Sony isn’t keen on letting Microsoft have all the fun in pretending that its new “me too” motion-sensing peripheral is a brand new platform. PS3 studio boss Michael Denny has joined in on the motion hype, claiming that Sony’s new Wiimote is also like a fresh system.

“The motion control system we’re putting in place going forward is we’re treating as more of a platform,” he says. “You’re right that here in Europe we have a lot of experience helping develop the peripherals for our social games but we see the motion control solution and experience as being broader than that. We do believe it can come into a core experience as well. The development of motion control software and games is a worldwide venture for us.”

Denny also said that the PS3 lineup was “healthy again,” rattling off a number of titles: “Yes, along with Heavy Rain and new SingStar and White Knight Chronicles. I think the line-up for PlayStation 3 is looking very healthy again. Exclusive titles like that do show off the platform to great effect. When people get their hands on these experiences, each of which are pushing things along, it does make the experience and what people hope to get from the PlayStation 3 really come to life.”

This is such a slow news day …

James Stephanie Sterling