Sony to censor PlayStation Home; those f***ing c****!

PlayStation Home is a huge part of Sony’s upcoming strategy, codenamed Operation: Don’t Go Bankrupt, and they seem to be taking a page from Nintendo’s playbook to make it happen. While Microsoft’s Live service is an anarchistic utopia filled with children exercising their birthright to call each other f**f***s and robot***a**es, Sony’s Home service will censor such profanity in the name of appealing to Ma and Pa Middle-America.

Not only will you be forced to clean up that salty tongue of yours, but Sony doesn’t want you using any other salty bits you might have, as they will be monitoring public spaces for inappropriate behavior. While this will definitely cut down on the spread of robo-VD, a large portion of their user-base is no doubt going to be upset by their inability to “do” that hot fifteen year-old girl, who is actually a frumpy fifteen year-old boy, who is actually a reasonably attractive thirty five year-old police officer. That’s the sort of thing that America, and specifically America’s Internet is built on, and anything else is just un-American! Sony, if we can’t digitially fornicate, the terrorists have already won. 

Earnest Cavalli
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