Sony: The PS3 is an onion

Sony has done a lot of talking when it comes to the PS3’s strengths and weaknesses, much to my chagrin. Industry Gamers has been encouraging Sony to talk just a bit more, speaking with VP of Product Development Scott Rohde. Rohde thinks the PS3 is so powerful that it’s an onion. Metaphorically, of course.

“The way I like to look at what the PS3 can do is that we’re still peeling back layers of the onion and finding even more that the SPUs can pull off,” says Rohde, bigging up the system’s horsepower. “From first-hand experience, when you talk to developers and they realize — especially when talking about a sequel — that they can throw a lot of tasks at those SPUs, freeing up the main processor to do a lot more than they thought, that’s exciting to developers. It’s exciting for them when they see they’ve just scratched the surface of what PS3 can do.”

Rohde also followed the corporate line when boasting about PS3 exclusives: “We firmly believe in our first-party software strategy. I think it’s not a short-term strategy; it’s a very long-term, calculated strategy to say that we put the bulk of our investment into exclusive first-party titles, and they’re all must haves,” he said. “When you look at this lineup of triple-A titles coming in the next 12-18 months, it’s very strong and it’s going to bring more people to the PS3, which is something we calculate and we’re excited about.”

That, my friends, is why Michael Pachter thinks the PS3 will win. Because it’s a calculated onion.

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