Sony teasing new game with freaky teaser site

They say that every six minutes, somewhere around the world, a new videogame teaser site is born. Here’s Sony with the latest, promoting a new mystery game with a very weird page indeed. It’s mostly black, aside from white Japanese symbols in the center and an odd pixel face in the bottom right corner.

The more you click on the face, the more its little mouth opens. Once it’s reached full capacity, the site will scream at you in a shrill, somewhat alarming manner. You’ll then be taken to this Japanese site for reasons unknown. It’s been noted by some that “3D” is in the URL, which is being taken as a possible hint that Sony’s got a three-dimensional game announcement coming. 

The “3” and “D” are also part of the page’s screaming face. 

Whatever this all means, we shall certainly find out in due course, possibly at the Tokyo Game Show. In the meantime, please feel free to play detective and see if you can find out anything else. It’s a slow day, you’ve got nothing else to do.

Jim Sterling