Sony screws pooch by decapitating goat [UPDATE]

Sony has always been known for their bizarre, provocative PR stunts, but they’ve always stopped short of actual corpse desecration. Until now.

Sony recently held a launch party in the UK to promote the wicked awesome God of War II, and in reverence to the ancient Grecian cultures celebrated so vividly in the title, they filled the party with topless girls, pits full of snakes, and a decapitated goat, whose stomach had been filled with offal (not his own) that guests were invited to sup upon.

Of course, animal rights groups immediately came to the aid of the exsanguinated livestock, dubbing the event “outrageous”, and asking if they provided a comparable decapitated soy alternative.

Sony, being Sony, continued blissfully down the path toward actually murdering children to promote the PSP, by printing pictures of the entire event in the Official PlayStation Magazine. They have since released an apology for exposing such a large, public audience to an accurate portrayal of an ancient Greek orgy, but you just know they had their fingers crossed behind their backs when they issued it. 

[UPDATE: Kotaku has word that the event wasn’t exactly as Bacchanalian as The Daily Mail made it out to be. Apparently the goat itself was just a decoration, which was kept away from guests at all times, and the “offal” was a traditional greek meat soup, served vaguely near the goat, but not actually from within it. The most intriguing part is that Sony claims the article itself was written by someone not in attendance at the event, and that he, himself, was a cyclops.

So, who are you going to believe? Crazy ol’ Sony, or crazy ol’ media cyclops?] 

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