Sony says ‘no plans’ for Killzone 2 co-op patch

Like you, we’re all excited to hunker down in front of your televisions with some snacks and dive headfirst into story of Killzone 2. Like you, we plan on doing it alone; we really have no other choice.

You see, Killzone 2‘s story is mode is a single-player experience, and despite rumors to the contrary. Sony has no plans to change that. Speaking to videogaming247, a representative said “there are no plans for co-op in Killzone 2.” So send your friends home, and put the kids to bed — you’re playing alone or competitively online.

It’s been argued that not every first-person shooter needs cooperative (or even competitive) multiplayer, but the public usually ends up demanding it anyway. With the success of Gears of War‘s cooperative game, and Insomniac’s interesting take with Resistance 2, the ommission in Killzone 2 is a bit obvious. But that doesn’t mean a killer single-player experience can’t deliver more than enough to satisfy gamers. 

We’ll see when the games ships to stores on February 27.

Nick Chester