Sony on upgrading your PS3 hard drive: OMG, do it!

Those who have found that 80 gigs is simply not enough to house all of those PlayStation Network games and hentai videos know the deal — it’s simple to replace the PlayStation 3’s hard drive.

Surprisingly, Sony seem to be all for the system modification. In one of the latest posts on their official blog, Sony’s “Social Media Manager” Jeff Rubenstein links to a CNET Asia tutorial on the process. He even gets a little cheap shot against the “competition” in.

“Fortunately, the PS3 doesn’t require some hard-to-find proprietary HDD,” he writes.

Ooooh, burn! Who’s had success with upgrading their PS3 HDDs, and on a scale of “I can’t figure out how to upgrade my RAM” to “I build rocket ships in my spare time,” how hard was it?

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