Sony motion control is ‘a couple of generations ahead’

Sony is the future! It’s so far ahead in the future that everything it does, like Trophies and motion control, kind of looks like things that were done in the past, but Sony did it so it’s actually the future because of reasons! In keeping with this theme, someone from Sony has stated that the PS3 Wiimote is so advanced, it’s a couple of generations ahead of the curve. This ought to be good.

“It’s another generation forward, or even a couple of generations,” says R&D prez Paul Holmon. “I know in certain games or applications which are out there, people had to sort of fluff it to make it real for consumers. But this stuff is super-accurate and the impact of that is incredible.

“I think you have to play with it to realize what it will do to games … Game developers want to know, if they’re working on a title for next year, whether they should consider it or not. We have to send some sort of message. At the end of the day, we know the track we’re taking for our technology, we know when we’re going to manufacture, but we have to make sure there’s a good catalog of games to back it up.”

We’ll see. So far, both Sony and Microsoft have been all bluster when it comes to how “new” their attempts to copy Nintendo have been. As for all this “Natal/Sony Wiimote will change the face of gaming,” crap? If that seriously happens, I will kiss Denis Dyack on the arse and call him a naughty schoolgirl.

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