Sony making up for Euro PS3 gimp with cheaper game prices in UK

Even though the PlayStation 3 is a bit altered in the lands of Europe, Sony was able to squeeze out some good news today concerning the games in the United Kingdom and how they would actually clock in at a price cheaper than Xbox 360 titles and on par with Wii games. Here’s the latest:

Sony has announced the recommended retail pricing for its first-party PS3 titles. The console is due to launch across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Oceania on March 23.

The games will clock in at £39.99 (approximately $78) in the UK, making them cheaper than Xbox 360 games (which retail at around £49.99) and the same price as Wii titles. In Australia, the games will be AU$99.95, and in New Zealand they will be NZ$109.95. 

How now brown cow? 

Robert Summa