Sony loves risk, brisk, lobster bisque

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has been really chatty these last few months, with his quotes appearing more and more in the games press. I think I like him though, so it’s okay. I’m sure that makes him feel really good about himself.

Anyway, Yoshida has been chatting with VG247 about risks, claiming that taking them gets the best results, and that they must continue to do this as the platform leader:

“People who take risks regularly get the best results. We always strive to be the risk-taker, because we are priding ourselves to be the leader of the industry from the platform standpoint, so we have to show by example: this is what we can with the new hardware, this is what we can do with some way of thinking.

My organisation has the benefit of [being an independent company], [and not one] that must always [satisfy] shareholders every quarter. We don’t have to have investors meetings. We can purely focus on creating something unique and interesting.”

It often seems that the biggest gambles in business are the ones that yield the best results. Taking a chance can lead to one’s downfall, but it can also bring unbridled success — just look at the Wii. 

Hopefully we see some of this risky business from Sony soon.

James Stephanie Sterling