Sony looking for online programmers for … God of War!?

File this one under “Looks good on paper, but could be a potential shark-jumping disaster,” folks. The eagle eyes of the Internet have recently spotted a job listing on SCEA’s Web site for a full-time online gameplay programmer to join the Santa Monica team that worked on God of War and God of War II

It’s not a huge leap to assume that the job listing in question is looking for a team member to work on the upcoming God of War III. What is interesting however is the hint that the upcoming PlayStation 3 sequel would have online gameplay elements. I’m hesitant to say that this excites me — I’m passionate about the God of War series, but I’m afraid that a cooperative mode could compromise the narrative if not done properly. And a versus mode? Don’t even get me started on how silly that could be. 

Surely we’re nowhere near seeing the release of God of War III, but hopefully Sony Santa Monica are far enough along in the development that we may see or hear something soon.

[Via Kotaku]

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