Sony lends 2K a helping hand with BioShock for the PS3

Thanks to a recent announcement by Sony regarding the PS3’s upcoming version of BioShock, it seems as if future fans of the game (along with those of us destined to buy it all over again) can rest easy knowing that the tools are set in place for a smooth conversion from the Xbox 360/PC original.

Sony is still carefully opting out of divulging information regarding what new perks PS3 owners can expect from the game, but they were quick to point out that the 2K teams (Boston, Marin, and Australia) are not going it alone on this one.

An unknown 3rd-party developer — with proven coding skills for the PS3 — has been asked to join the lineup, which bodes well for the game. The question is…which one? Regardless of who it is, one thing is without question: BioShock is one of those games that leaves a lasting impression on whoever plays it, which can only mean one thing — the PS3 is in for one hell of a treat.

[Via CVG — Thanks, Adam!]