Sony issues a non-response to Kotick comments

I suppose when you’re CEO of one of the gaming industry’s largest publishers, when you say stuff — no matter how crazy it might sound — people take notice. When Activision’s Bobby Kotick said the publisher “might want to consider if we support” Sony’s consoles in the future, heads turned. Our comments exploded.

Sony, on the other hand, remains calm and completely non-confrontational in its response.

“PlayStation has tremendous momentum coming out of E3, and we are seeing positive growth with more than 350 titles slated to hit across all our platforms, including many anticipated games from our publishing partners,” a spokesperson told IndustryGamers. “We enjoy healthy business relationships with and greatly value our publishing partners and are working closely with them to deliver the best entertainment experience.”

While that doesn’t address Activision directly, it does… well, you know what? It doesn’t really say much of anything, actually. While it’s unlikely that Activision will cut ties with Sony any time soon, Kotick’s comments on hardware price cuts and attach rates may have some merit. Sony is definitely listening; when and how it reacts is an entirely different story.

Nick Chester