Sony is out to get anything PS3 jailbreak related

Of course Sony isn’t pleased with the rapidly growing jailbreaking scene for their PlayStation 3 console. They’re showing that they mean business lately, though: Sony is even out to find the sites related to the jailbreaking PS3 scene.

At PSX-Scene they’ve acquired court documents that detail what Sony’s legal team is up to, and it seems that they’re out to get sites that are even hosting tutorials on jailbreaking. They’re keeping tabs not only on PSJailbreak, but also PSGroove, PSFreedom, and OpenPSJailbreak.

It seems that Sony is aiming for takedowns, judging by the host of documents that PSX-Scene has shared with the public. (The juicy bits are marked “exhibit.”) They’ve already got a judge to force Yahoo! to hand over info on a guy that’s related to the site They tied it to the mail-drop box this person rented to handle the web site’s business.

They say not to be surprised to see sites coming offline in the next few days.

Dale North