Sony drops bombs (and employees) like Galvatron

Kotaku has word that between 80 and 100 employees at Sony Computer Entertainment of America’s Foster City headquarters were given pink slips earlier today.

The layoffs came as a surprise to everyone, aside from all of those people with memories lucid enough to recall Sony’s recent financial reports which, spurned on by the disappointing performance of their PlayStation 3 console, were covered in enough red ink to choke a tampon.

Here’s a quote from SCEA’s Dave Karraker regarding the layoffs:

In an effort to accurately align the company to meet the changing needs of our consumers and of our industry, Sony Computer Entertainment America has found it necessary to analyze our current business and to restructure the company as necessary to continue our standing as the market leader

How this will affect Sony’s future is unapparent, but there’s simply no way to spin this as a positive for the company. I mean, I could lie to you and say that everyone fired was actually a werewolf, but you wouldn’t believe me anyway.


Earnest Cavalli
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