Sony could keep Home in open beta for awhile

Currently, Sony’s Home is in open beta. The revolutionary dance party simulation gives players a chance to connect on an emotional level with a sickeningly diverse amount of lobbies catering to taste, atmosphere, and sensibility. The deep, soul-binding social connections forged through dance or chat is rather unexpected considering the game is only in beta — a status that may not change to full release anytime soon.

In a recent Kotaku video podcast (via Shacknews), Sony’s director of Home Jack Buser made it quite clear that he was comfortable with Home being in open beta:

We quite like the name ‘open beta,’ so you can expect us to stay in open beta for some time. Whether we exit out of that into some other phase of our existence, that’s [to be determined].

Later on, he would add that Home would continue to grow “rapidly” with new items, spaces, and other bits and pieces of content. Buser didn’t say if there would be any new dance macros, which at this point, needs to be addressed. Players should be able to lead off the robot with their left shoulder, not the right. C’mon, Sony.

[via 1UP]

Brad BradNicholson