Sony bigwig wants better episodic content

Episodic gaming is proving itself to be an interesting new avenue, although it’s fair to say that a few companies haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet. Not that I wish to make an example of Valve or anything. One man who wants to see more from episodic gaming is Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe executive Michael Denny, who wishes the sub-genre would be more thrilling.

“For me, true episodic gaming needs to be more than just selling a traditional game split into chunks,” states Denny. “It needs to be games that are specifically designed from the outset to be very story driven, to be very cliffhanger-orientated. Almost to follow some of the ideas based on some of the best TV series’ like Lost or Heroes.”

It’s not often I say this about a platform holder executive, but I totally agree with this guy. Episodic gaming is a raw mass of potential and something that Sony should definitely take seriously.

The PSN is a great service, but it lacks a real definining quality, I feel. If it could take what it started with Siren: Blood Curse and produce more fully-fledged episodic content, I think Sony could be onto a winner.

Jim Sterling