Sony adds YouTube support for developers

Whores, every last one of them. Except for you, MRirian.

That’s what I find myself saying just about every time I check out the popular videos on YouTube. There’s always countless videos of skanky young girls doing seductive/awkward web cam dances in the upper ranks… not that I have a problem with that or anything. Now these skanky gals may make their way into your PS3 games, alongside videos of cute puppies, nifty dog tricks, and that weird girl that stares into the camera for a minute or two before waving good-bye (above).

Develop says that Sony Computer Entertainment has added support for the YouTube API to the PS3 SDK, making the PS3 the first system to officially support the video site. This would let developers easily integrate YouTube uploading into games, getting these game makers into the popular user-created content world.

This technology will debut in the free Japan-only Mainichi Issho daily news and entertainment service, and will uploads of user-created movies to YouTube directly within the game.

What do you think about this? Do the countless American Idol recaps have a place in your gaming? 

Dale North