Sonic perfects the art of selling out

It’s one thing to spice up otherwise cookie-cutter games with popular icons, but making a golf game that looks like every other golf game except that you get Sonic as your caddy instead of some underprivileged inner city youth is like throwing salt on the wounds of gamers who grew up loving the inexplicably blue hedgehog back when his games were still, you know, good. It makes one wonder if since pushing out horribly broken sequels hasn’t lined their pockets with gold, perhaps Sega has just given up completely.
Between this and the Olympics it seems as if Sonic will be appearing less and less in “real” games and instead becoming akin to that washed-up B horror movie actor who still attends all the conventions and milks every last fan for everything they’re worth. They couldn’t even program Sonic to look enthusiastic, so I think it’s safe to say this game is dialing it in. From Mars. 
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